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BioNex Hive High Density Vertical Automation Platform with Formulatrix & Nanovis

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Product Description

Manufacturer: BioNex

Model: Hive

Condition: Used. This Hive is in Fair cosmetic condition with minor blemishes from prior use, mostly light scuffs and adhesive label residues.  The white panels inside on both ends are loose and don't fit great.  There are several cables disconnected from equipment that is no longer installed.  There are three loose magazines for the loaders.  These have "bad" notes on them.  There are lots of spare chips for the Tempest.  These are all open/unsealed and several of the boxes have handwritten notes on them, from what kind of use they saw to "clogged".  There are lots of small tubes/hoses for the Tempest in bags, many with notes written on the bags describing what they were used for.  There are lots of Silicone Nozzle strips for the tempest, all unsealed/opened.  All the chips and nozzles have dates on their cartons from 2016-2017.  There is an exposed circuit board on the robot arm, it looks like a cover is missing, we're not sure why.  There is an unplugged connector on top of the robot's hand, with nothing to plug into inside the black cover.  We're not sure why.  There are a few cables unplugged where instruments used to be connected.  The HEPA filter system on top has no controller or power supply, as the previous owner kept them. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This system is in Good working condition.  We are not experts in this equipment but we were able to get the robot to initialize, move and home its axes, the stacker to initialize and home its axes,  the Tempest unit to move, and the laser engraver to move all its axes.  The Tempest vacuum pump works. We found that the engraver didn't want to initialize until we trained the door closed position, and the Tempest didn't want to initialize, giving an error about an XmlRpc server.  We are not sure what's up with these, but BioNex should be able to get you working when you contact them to get your HIVE set up for your needs.  Note: The prior owner kept the controller for the HEPA filter, so you will need to supply a power supply/controller for that. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) BioNex HIVE Automation Platform
  • (1) BioNex Laser Etcher
  • (1) Formulatrix Tempest V2.1 Liquid Handler
  • (1) Formulatrix Pump Box V2.1
  • (2) BioNex HD Stacker Units
  • (1) Plate storage rack
  • (1) Air pressure regulator (not use as-configured)
  • (2) Door keys
  • (2) Interlock Bypass keys


  • Manufacturer: BioNex
  • Hive automation platform
  • System number BN50281
  • High-density vertical automation and integration platform
  • (2) HD Stacker high density labware stackers
  • High-speed handling robot to move plates throughout the system
  • Plate spinner
  • Formulatrix Tempest V2.1 liquid handler and pump box
  • Automator Nanovis marking laser with labware carriage (for marking bases)
  • LED interior lighting

30 Day Guarantee

  • Guaranteed to be as described
  • Can be returned for flaws or malfunctions that were not disclosed
  • See complete terms

CDN Systems LLC, DBA Doug Deals, is not an authorized distributor or affiliated with the manufacturer of this product. Original manufacturer's warranty does not apply.

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