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EHS Policy

Environmental and Health and Safety Policy

CDN Systems is dedicated to preventing not only injury or ill health of our work staff, but also to prevent impact to the environment. The management and staff at CDN Systems are committed to the belief that most items can be reused or recycled in some fashion and while the company exists to make a profit, it has a positive impact on the environment by reselling and recycling equipment the original owner no longer wants. Through this model CDN dedicates itself to reducing its negative impacts on the environment and to prevent pollution whenever possible while keeping employees safe. For CDN there is no aspect of its operation of greater importance than the health and safety of the employees. From the front desk receptionist to the warehouse employee and everyone in between including staff out on pickups, safety is everyone’s priority.

In order to achieve these ideals, CDN has implemented and maintains an EHS Management System that complies with applicable EHS legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes that relate to EHS. The EHS Management System provides the documented framework that has been implemented and is maintained, with the purpose of continually improving EHS performance. Each and every employee’s contribution is vitally important to the success of this program and CDN pledges to train, support and encourage everyone to have the resources required for successful implementation.