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Thermotron S-8 +110*/-55*C Environmental Chamber 8 Cu.Ft.AS-IS Bad Refrigeration

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Thermotron

Model: S-8C

Condition: For Parts or Not Working. This chamber is in Fair cosmetic condition. The inside looks clean but has lots of scratches.  The outside is also scratched up and has been repeatedly repainted.  Several places where there were labels, the first layer of paint is peeled off, and several places are chipped through 2 layers of white and some places all the way down to metal.  There is lots of condensation and/or water spot residue in the viewing window.  The cable for the foot switch is damaged and has wires showing but the switch still works. The cover on the controller enclosure is loose, and has been taped all along the front edge.  There are some air hoses on top with unknown function, not connected to anything but a valve. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This chamber is in PARTIAL working condition.  At least one of the compressors is faulty.  The temperature went from ambient to 110º in about 10 minutes.  We set a lower temperature and the chamber started cooling, but then around 90º one of the compressors came to a screeching halt and shook the entire unit.  It took turns running for a few seconds and stopping with a screech, and then sometimes trying to start and then stopping again with an awful noise that shook the cabinet.  We are not sure what may be wrong with this but the cooling section obviously needs some work.  Water output during cooling operations was warm but about half as much flow as a good unit would give.  The heater works and the fan works.  The interior light works.  The controller allows a wider range of set temperatures (190º/-65º) than the over/under temperature safety control will allow (115º/-55º); we are not sure how to change the limits.  The chart recorder did spin but we do not have paper or a pen to test it.  All of the refrigeration gauges show pressure, we are not sure if the pressures are good or not.  No other testing was done. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) Thermotron S-8C Chamber


  • Manufacturer: Thermotron Industries
  • Model: S-8C
  • Environmental chamber
  • Usable volume: 24" x 24" x 24"
  • Temperature range: 110ºC to -55ºC (please read notes)
  • Dual-stage R-23 and AZ50 refrigeration
  • Water-cooled refrigeration
  • Magnetic latch holds door closed, operated by foot switch
  • Honeywell DR4200 circular chart recorder
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Power: 208V 3phase 60Hz 30A
  • Manufactured: 1995

Something in the cooling section makes ugly noises


  • No returns - No refunds - No exchanges
  • By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to not seek reimbursement should the item not function to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Read the notes carefully to ensure you are buying something you can use
  • See complete terms

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For Parts or Not Working

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