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Precision PVA 2000 4-Axis Robot Work Cell 20"x17"x3.5"CNC Cell Galil DMC2280 THK

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Precision Valve & Automation PVA

Model: PVA2000

Condition: For Parts or Not Working. This machine is in Fair cosmetic condition.  There are scuffs/scratches, dust and sticky adhesive label residues here and there from prior use.  Also there are residues from the sticky silicone conformal coating the previous owners were using this to dispense, all over the inside of the work cell.  The reservoir under the work cell is full of solidified silicone rubber.  A couple of sensors are mounted on bent brackets.  The bottom half of the cell formerly held a control computer, and the computer is now gone.  The floor of the work area has lots of residue, both sticky and solid, from the rubber they were applying with this unit.  The main disconnect switch operator is missing (the disconnect can still be turned with pliers).  The cover on the display of the PVA operator interface is cracked, but the display behind it is intact.  The connector shell for the cable to the teach pendant is smashed.  The belts are missing from one of the conveyors.  The liquid lines appear to still have stuff in them, so please assume that all the liquid lines, the pump, the dispensing heads, etc. will have to be cleaned/repaired or replaced if you want to reuse them. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This machine is in at-least-partial working condition.  We saw this machine initialize, pass a safety check, and move all four axes.  Then it said to remove a board, presumably because a sensor is triggered on one of the conveyors with no board present.  An alarm buzzer sounded.  The lights on the teach pendant light up at power-on.  No other testing was done. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) PVA PVA2000 Robotic Coating Cell


  • Manufacturer: Precision Valve & Automation
  • Model: PVA 2000
  • 4-Axis robot work cell
  • Travel: 20"X 17"Y 3.5"Z plus 90º rotation of one nozzle
  • Servo motors all 3 linear axes
  • Interlocked front doors
  • Formerly used as a liquid-application machine
  • THK KR series precision linear X/Y/Z positioning stage with MCG motors
  • Galil DMC-2280 Motion Controller
  • Dual Side-to-side edge-supporting belt conveyors
  • Pneumatic stops on conveyors
  • Baldor CDP3330 1/2HP motor with (gear pump) liquid pump
  • Speed control for pump motor: KB Penta Power Multi-Drive
  • Computer programming/control (computer is MISSING!)
  • Power: 120VAC 50/60Hz 12A plus compressed air

Homes all axes, then gives an error


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  • By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to not seek reimbursement should the item not function to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Read the notes carefully to ensure you are buying something you can use
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For Parts or Not Working

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