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Kurt DL640 DoubleLock 6" Dual Machine Vise with Jaws Working - Parts

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Kurt

Model: DL640

Condition: For Parts or Not Working. Comes in non-original packaging. This vise is in Fair cosmetic condition. It was legit about to be scrapped by the prior owner but one guy said maybe we can get it running again so it was salvaged.  There is "surface" rust on what should be flat spots, and some pitting is visible on the shaft and flat areas on your unit.  There are lots of little nicks and dings, especially on top of the jaws. The jaws have replaceable steel jaw plates with plenty of meat on them to machine them to suit your preference.  You will find old oil and chips in the nooks and crannies. The chip guards are missing. The KURT stickers on the hard jaws are missing, and the serial number plate is illegible except for the stamped serial number - the model number was painted, and has worn off!  The end of the handle has been cut off, probably to make it easier to fit into a cheater bar (!)

Please NOTE: ALL THE SEALS on this vise are bad!  The rear cap is loose, and leaks goo inside from being compressed against the end cap during full-opening operations. This is being sold AS/IS. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This vise is in PARTIAL working condition. It opens and closes all the way, but operation in the last few mm of travel at both ends of travel is pretty stiff.  When it has been closed and opened again, you will find brown oily residue on the shaft, which leaks out past the failed seals.  It is strongly recommended that you rebuild this unit properly but if all you need is clamping, it still works.  All the screws on all the jaw plates were loosened, so you will be able to change out the jaws if you like; nothing is stuck in place after our guy was finished. No other testing was done. This is being sold AS/IS. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) Kurt DL640 Vise
  • (1) Handle


  • Manufacturer: Kurt Manufacturing
  • Model: DL640
  • 6" AngLock DoubleLock Vise
  • Dual vise, two clamping stations
  • Clamp parts of dissimilar size without adjustment, just tighten!
  • Vise is NOT self-centering
  • Closes jaws sequentially for easier setups
  • 6" wide jaws
  • Nominal 4" jaw openings
  • Opening size range: depends on installed jaws and plates!
    • Without jaw plates, without stationary jaw: 4"+ minimum, 12"+ maximum
    • With included jaw plates: varies, see cosmetic statement!
    • Standard jaw plates (not included), with stationary jaw: 2x closed, 4" maximum
    • Standard jaw plates (not included), without stationary jaw: 1x 2.7" closed,  10.7" maximum
  • 21" long base
  • 4-3/4" high (excluding jaw plates)
  • Clutch design resets correct timing on jaws with each opening
  • Adjustable preload to hold first part before clamping second part
  • Stationary jaw allows precision repeatability
  • Replaceable jaws
  • Replaceable jaw plates
  • Can be converted for vertical or tombstone use (additional parts required, not included)
  • Approximately 95lbs when fully assembled!



  • No returns - No refunds - No exchanges
  • By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to not seek reimbursement should the item not function to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Read the notes carefully to ensure you are buying something you can use
  • See complete terms

Other Details

For Parts or Not Working

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