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Kulicke & Soffa LaserPro 9388 Ball Placement/Bonder K&S Laser Reflow System

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Kulicke and Soffa K&S

Model: 9388

Condition: For Parts or Not Working. This bonder is in Fair Cosmetic condition with a missing side panel and several spots of paint in bad condition.  Also there are a few connectors with nothing to connect to, and we are not sure what-all may be missing.  The B1 (most common button for use with the trackball) is broken and you need to use something metal to touch the contacts to click the button. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This unit is in PARTIAL working condition.  The computer wakes up and loads the bonder software.  The machine can't initialize because there are interlock and sensor signal errors, and in the maintenance screen we found that not all the switches toggle in the software when the switch is moved.  We did not get the laser to fire.  We were not able to get the moving parts to move on their own.  The camera is working.  No other testing was done. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) K&S 9388 Laser Ball Bonder
  • (4) Auer 126701 magazines
  •  Electronics modules:
    • (1) 8001-4080 Comm Port
    • (1) AIS-640/266 ESI
    • (1) 8001-4143 Servo CPU
    • (1) 8001-4045 Servo Preamp
    • (1) 4008-4073 Stepper
    • (1) 8001-4072 Sensor
    • (1) 8001-4058 I/O
    • (4) 8002-4103 Dual HS 2A/2A
    • (1) 8001-4020 SOL. Drvr.
    • (1) 8001-4145 Z amp
    • (1) 8002-4014 MS Amp
    • (1) 8001-4044 Z Prime
    • (2) 8002-4104 Dual HS 2A/.8A
    • (2) 8001-4105 X/Y Amp


  • Manufacturer: Kulicke and Soffa
  • Laserpro 9388
  • Solder Ball Attachment System
  • Ball sizes down to 0.3mm
  • X/Y Table Resolution: 0.1 micron
  • Placement accuracy: 6.25um
  • Bonding area: 2" x 2"
  • Pattern recognition vision system
  • Facility requirements: 100-240VAC 1phase 2kVA plus Nitrogen and air supplies
  • No flux/chemicals/exhaust plumbing
  • Localized heating works well for thermally sensitive packages


  • No returns - No refunds - No exchanges
  • By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to not seek reimbursement should the item not function to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Read the notes carefully to ensure you are buying something you can use
  • See complete terms

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For Parts or Not Working

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