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Leica INM20 Compound Microscope with Optics, LUDL 8" Wafer Inspection XYT Stage

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Leica

Model: INM20

Condition: Used. This scope is in Good cosmetic condition with only minor blemishes (scuffs/scratches here and there) from prior use.  The optics are clean and free of chips/nicks/scratches/fungus on the glass.  The barrels of the objectives have some spots on the metal finish. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: The view through this scope is bright and clear.  All the motors for the objective turret and the field and aperture diaphragms work, but sometimes the objectives don't want to rotate with the first button press after power is switched on.  You may have to rotate the turret (gently) manually and press objective-changer buttons - eventually the robot realizes a human is trying to do its job, wakes up and works properly.   Without controllers we could not test the motorized stage but the dials for all three axes turn easily by hand.  The video setup works, but the top of the monitor has some horizontal banding/distortion. 

Please NOTE: the coarse focus adjustment is tight, but the fine focus is so loose that it slips down by itself.  We are not able to adjust this.  This may be due to the (relatively heavy) wafer stage, we are not sure. We were able to adjust focus acceptably well using the coarse focus only, even on the highest magnification setting. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) Leica INM20 microscope type 302313
  • (1) LUDL Electronic Products XYT wafer stage
  • Included Optics:
    • (2) WPK 10x eyepieces
    • (1) Leica Plan Fluor LWD 5x/0.10 Epi ∞/0
    • (1) Leica Plan Fluor LWD 10x/0.20 Epi IK ∞/0
    • (1) Leica Plan Fluor XLWD 20x/0.40 Epi IK ∞/0
    • (1) Leica Plan Fluor LWD 50x/0.60 Epi IK ∞/0
  • Leica Model 60308 Video Camera Controller
  • Video camera (no visible model number)
  • Sony PVM-1351Q Color Monitor


  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Model: INM20
  • Compound trinocular inspection microscope
  • With high-quality Leica optics
  • Three-way illumination: Bright & Dark fields
  • Field, Aperture, Illumination, Focus & turret controls grouped together for easy manipulation
  • 100W variable-intensity illuminator built in
  • Motorized sextuple objective turret nosepiece
  • Adjustable-inclination eyetubes
  • X/Y/Θ wafer stage for 8" semiconductor wafers (210mm travel in X and Y axes)
  • Knobs on ends of axes for control of X/Y position and rotation

Works well except the fine focus slips slowly; optics are clean.

30 Day Guarantee

  • Guaranteed to be as described
  • Can be returned for flaws or malfunctions that were not disclosed
  • See complete terms

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